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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  February 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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those. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: david kerley, abc news, washington. >> sometimes, the legend can be different from the dpakts, right? that's what's making live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> trade ahead, egyptians take to the streets demanding change. good monday morning. thanks for joining us today. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. we begin with adam caskey and a look at the forecast. it is a little chilly on this monday morning, but not bad. colder air will move into town over the next couple morning's.
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33 in the district, 27 in frederick, 29 in lexington park. 27 in frederick. pretty close to average. increasing clouds today with high temperatures near 50. that is mild, above the average high of 45. movingd showers to through and around the evening rush hour or. through the night time we could have a few wet snowflakes with no accumulation expected. windy and cooler behind this weather maker tomorrow with high temperatures in the upper 30's. 50 today and the upper 30's tomorrow. gusty conditions. dropping down to the mid 30's by the middle of the week. 20% chance of accumulating snow showers on thursday. that's going to be coming
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together for the mid-atlantic. happy monday. police in woodbrige reporting they are working on a water main on route 1 southbound at l'enfant plaza at mount pleasant drive. southbound traffic not able to get through. that means an extra time to your travel. hot lanes construction on the beltway will be removed by the time you get there. college park order to get the beginning of the exit for northbound 95, one lane to the left is accessing at exit for the time being. a beautiful picture of traffic on 270 at father hurley boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news. in northeast washington this morning three people were hurt in a hit-and-run accident at 3:00 a.m. at the intersection of virgin islands avenue and eastern ave. our car struck another vehicle and then fled into prince
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george's county. one person suffered life- threatening injuries. the conditions of the other victims are not known. -- intersection of rhode island and eastern ave. cairo, egypt, is living in suspended time after two weeks of unrest. national leaders are figuring out how to move forward while egyptians are trying to get back to normal life. >> now the latest on egypt and president obama's comments from the white house. >> protesters showed their resolve while the city works to regain her routine. banks reopened for the first time in the week and cars returned to the streets. >> we have to stop now until we can see the change. >> egyptian and vice-president of met with opposition leaders and yesterday and has announced freedom of press and has since thepeople held uncas
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protest began. and met with the muslim brotherhood. a member of the brotherhood's leaders said the group will not seek the presidency if mubarak's steps down. president obama says that timeline remains unclear. >> is he leaving soon? >> on me he knows. -- only he knows, but in egypt will not go back to what it was. the muslim brotherhood is organized and there are strains of its ideology that are anti- u.s. a curfew still in place in egypt and there are signs of uneasiness that remains along
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with the protests. abc news, washington. the trial of a maryland man charged in a deadly incident in a cocky, taylor accused in the 2008 crest and killed eight people. he and another person accidentally plowed into a large crowd and the first trial ended in a mistrial. the public roundtable will be held today to discuss the district's response to the january 26 snowstorm. tommy wells, the council member, organized the meeting. city leaders and members of the public will testify about lessons learned. 10:00 this morning is the meeting at the wilson building. a lot of people stayed up late watching the game. the green bay packers are the two opinions of football. >> the lombardi trophy.
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>> the pittsburgh steelers put up a tough fight, but not overcome an early lead by the packers, 31-25. this is green bay's first super bowl title. quarterback aaron rogers is the mvp of the game. the fans celebrated last night in dallas. coming up, we will hear from players and fans and look at some commercials and tell you about mistakes and happened with the national anthem, in case you missed that. great to have the return a coup. the winter's snowstorms have cost airlines a lot of money. >> aol is purchasing a major -- major news institution. linda bell has more from lugar news -- bloomberg news.
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>> aol is agreeing to purchase the huffington opposepost. it's looking to add revenue. there's a conference call at 8:00 a.m. this morning to discuss the deal. sprint nextel will announce the addition of a new smartphone to its lineup at a media event today in new york city. echo is expected to run on the google android operating system. all of the winter storms have taken a financial toll on the airline's. airlines may be headed for more than $600 million in weather- related losses. the winter is not even over yet. let's look at stock index futures. we are higher this morning, indicating gains when opening bell rings in a few hours. i am linda bell reporting for
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abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 34 degrees outside, 4:37. >> still to come, the year of the rabbit. we will take you to chinatown for the new year's parade. >> a centennial celebration, how the reagan -- how the nation marks ronald reagan's 100th birthday.
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captioned by the national captioning institute 4:41 on this day after super bowl sunday. it is cold outside and will get colder in the next couple days. enjoy the relative warmth while we have it. it's 31 degrees in alexandria right now. 26 in mitchell's bill, 33 in rockville, 27 and sterling -- in sterling. 35 is a warm spot in d.c. a few isolated rainshowers this afternoon and evening. a few wet snowflakes later tonight. limited accumulation. windy and cold tomorrow with highs in the upper 30's. travel times in our favor on
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95 between richmond and baltimore. overnight construction on the outer loop at the exit for '95, college park, will be gone soon. moving ice on the other side of town as far as traffic on the greenway, the toll road, 66, getting the green light between centreville and the beltway. looks good on 270. quiet traffic now on the beltway at new hampshire ave. the good in springfield va, 95, headlights are northbound. metro rail is reporting first trains out will be on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. 4:42, 33 degrees. >> coming up, gas prices are going up again. the latest crisis in egypt could impact what you pay at the pump. >> i know that irani would be thrilled to have all of you share -- ronnie would be
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thrilled to have all of you share in his 100th birthday. >> marking the3q lysol knows you work hard every day to help keep your family healthy, especially during cold and flu season. that's why we make lysol disinfectant spray. it is approved to kill more germs
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good morning. anti-government protesters are camped out in the main square in cairo again as life in the egyptian capital struggles to
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return to normal. this is a day after the vice president of the country met with opposition leaders and announced more concessions in an effort to alan the protests. in this country, the vince lombardi trophy is headed to green bay for the first time in 14 years. the green bay packers beat back a tough fight from the pittsburgh steelers to win the super bowl 31-25. the packers quarterback aaron rogers was the mvp of the game. actress lindsay lohan could be in more legal trouble today. there is a report that she could be charged as soon as today with stealing a necklace from california to restore. she denies the allegations. she says that the store lent her the necklace. 15 people under arrest after a brothel was busted in the district on saturday in the 3100 block of the georgia avenue nw. an undercover officer and others rated the brothel in a basement
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apartment. neighbors said they were shocked by the discovery. >> this has to be the best kept secret on georgia avenue. i had no idea. >> i never would have expected anything like that. >> you don't think it will be near your house. >> 15 people arrested, two charged with operating a house of prostitution and 13 charged with solicitation of prostitutes. the names have not been released yet. a peeping tom is due in anne arundel county. novak is charged with burglary and and has been accused of speeding through people's windows or fences and videotaping women and at least one juvenile. he broke into a teenagers room as well and took her picture. sunday marked former president ronald reagan's 100th birthday.
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the centennial celebration of his life and legacy was held at his presidential foundation and library in california. mrs. simpson has details. >> former first lady nancy reagan knew the 40th president best. >> i know ronnie would be thrilled to have all of you share in his 100'th birthday. >> ronald reagan served two terms of the white house and left an indelible mark on america. >> we come together at venues across america to celebrate his birthday, his life, and his enduring legacy that inspired freedom and changed the world. >> with a 21-gun salute, a wreath laying, and a birthday cake, president reagan's
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contributions were honored. treasury secretary and chief of staff james baker looks back. >> at the end of the day, we have to come together to solve problems rather than rely on them for partisan advantage. >> helping people to compromise may have been one of ronald reagan pose the greatest gifts. -- ronald reagan's greatest gifts. the man behind the wikileaks website will be back in a british courtroom today. julian assange faces a hearing on whether he should be extradited to sweden. authorities over there want to question him on accusations he sexually assaulted two women. he denies wrongdoing and says the charges are politically motivated. two american hikers jailed in iran for spying have their day in court on sunday. chain bauer and johnson atoll entered not guilty pleas. they have been jailed since july
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of 2009. the third one, as a woman, was not in court because he was freed last year for medical reasons. she is being tried in absentia. the hearing lasted five hours behind closed doors and the judge asked for another session but did not set a date. it is still costing us a lot to fill up our gas tanks. gas prices rose 2 cents last week because of egypt. the national average for regular is $3.12 a gallon. in the d.c. area, $3.10. gas prices have been above $3 foreig six weeks. it is 33 degrees on this monday morning. >> how the district celebrates the year of the rapids, straight ahead. the year of the rapids, straight ahead.
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monday morning, 4:53. temperatures are pretty close to average for this time of year. 33 right now downtown, 29 in quantico, 27 in martinsburg, 28 incumbents, 29 in lexington park. the futurecast. isolated light rain later this
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afternoon and especially tonight. even around 7:00 p.m. we could have areas of light rain, especially along and west of interstate 81. it would be mainly snow in far western maryland. for the majority of us, a few areas of light rain later this evening and tonight. there could be wet snowflakes mixed in the air. this will taper off by early tomorrow morning. near 50 degrees today with increasing clouds. in the 30's tonight. windy and cold tomorrow, highs in the upper 30's. now to lisa baden. there may have been a crash a moment ago on the baltimore- washington parkway northbound off of route 50. park police will be on the scene and we will call them for details shortly. looks great as far as traffic in virginia. 66, 95, 395, looks good on the
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dulles greenway and the toll road. looks good on 95 in and out of baltimore. no troubles on 270
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welcome back. you are looking at pictures from this weekend when hundreds of people hit the streets of chinatown on sunday afternoon to celebrate the start of the chinese new year. firecrackers were set off and there was a big parade marking the year of the rabbit. people born in the year of the
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are talented, ambitious, according to tradition. yesterday was super bowl sunday. >> capitol hill was the place to be, if you could not be in dallas. chris has more. >> on this super sunday, one stretch of pennsylvania avenue on capitol hill is officially super bowl avenue. .> i am a little nervous >> i hope you know him. it is the battle of the block for super bowl supremacy. >> this is steelers country. >> they are misinformed ". two of the most storied teams square off in dallas. cheese heads gathered at the
4:59 am
bar. >> this club never spill's my cup never spills. >> steelers fateful have assembled, hoping to cheer their teams to their seventh lombardi trophy named after the green bay packers coach. >> green bay now, for the seventh time. >> crowning its new champion. >> the usa is a packers country. now now that the green bay packers are winners of super bowl xlv. bay packers are winners of super bowl xlv.